Our mission

B9 is a Fintech company which allows hard working Americans to demonstrate and build their creditworthiness based on their economic behavior to help them get access to personalized and fair priced financial services and products.

B9 provides an early access to paycheck, peer-to-peer instant payments, interest-free payroll advances, and a Visa® Debit Card with up to 5% cashback. Right now, we are in hypergrowth mode.

Open positions

.NET Backend Developer

3+ years of EF Core commercial services development experience.

Android Developer

3+ years of Android, Kotlin commercial services development experience.

IOS Developer

3+ years of iOS, Swift commercial services development experience.

Devops Engineer

3+ years of Azure cloud infrastructure design and deployment.

QA Engineer

2+ years of total experience in Quality Assurance.

Data Engineer

Strong knowledge of SQL (T-SQL is preferable). Experience with Azure.

Data/BI Analyst

Experience in Banking/Fintech companies. Proficient in exploring databases.

System Analyst (BI/Data)

Experience in Banking/Fintech companies. Proficient in exploring databases.

Senior CRM Manager

4+ years of CRM experience including email, push notification and other CRM channels.

Influencer Marketing Manager

2+ years of influencer or brand partnerships experience.

Affiliate Marketing Manager

2+ years experience in managing affiliate marketing programs ideally in finance space.

Senior Performance Marketing Manager

6+ years of experience in digital marketing and media buying.

Product Manager

4+ years of Product Management in Banking/Fintech companies.

Support Engineer

2+ years or technical support experience.

Data Analyst (Communications)

Experience in Banking/Fintech companies.

Perks & Benefits

Competitive salary

Discretionary bonus program

Flexible vacation policy

Medical, Dental & Vision

Commuter benefits

Company values

We are not a bank, and we do not give loans. We do more important things, such as helping B9 members to have steady and predictable cash-flow so they can keep realizing their dreams, develop socially and thrive. As we support our customers, B9’s culture is built on supporting each team member’s efforts and recognizing their contributions. We create a workplace where people can find opportunities to thrive.

Our customers come from various backgrounds, many of them are young workers, part-time students, gig workers, and New-To-America. Same way as we at B9 we strive for diversity of thought, communication, background, experience and more.

Our product lowers barriers to access to finance for millions of hardworking Americans and newcomers each year. As we build products, we approach our engineering and design with inclusion in mind.