About Us

B9 is an income-based advance solution enabling an on-demand pay for diverse earners, from salaried employees and freelancers to ride-share drivers and warehouse workers.

Our Story

During the pandemic we saw a real need to create financial product for over 70% of American workers who need to wait at least two weeks to get paid for the work they’ve done.

We believe everyone deserves access to their paycheck before payday. We created a healthy alternative to all other kinds of lending products they may felt forced to use. Instead of the strong-arm tactics they knew, we offered kindness.

Perks like paycheck advances of up to $500 per pay period on their earned but not yet paid paychecks, plus 5% cashback on purchases made with our B9 Visa® Debit Card (to name just a few). It caught on and today we’re half a million members strong.

Our mission

Transform how millions of Americans access their pay.

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Our Vision

To challenge the status quo and reshape financial norms with an inclusive financial ecosystem that not only addresses our customers’ immediate needs but also facilitates their long-term financial health. We do this by providing services like early access to paychecks, quick no-fee transfers between B9 Members, and a B9 Visa® Debit Card with up to 5% cashback.

Over 500,000 strong

There’s a reason our customers love us. We do our best to get them the money that theirs—earlier than ever. You’ll probably see some reviews saying that we haven’t always gotten it right—fair enough. But just like the workers we represent, in the end we always find a way to get it done. That’s what it means to be the top fintech company for some of the hardest working people on the planet.