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There are no subscription fees for your first 30 days of B9 Basic or even after that, if your direct-deposit more than $5K/month.

Deposits from multiple employers count. Same goes for government benefits like SSI.

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B9 Advance maximum limit:
FROM $30 TO $100.00*
FROM $30 TO $500.00*
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$9.99 OR $02
$19.99 OR $02
2  No subscription fee for all clients whose direct deposit amount transferred to their B9 Account is more than $5,000/month. Deposits from multiple employers count. Government benefits also qualify.

*B9 Basic℠ offers an early pay advance of up to $100, while B9 Premium℠ members have the potential to increase it to $500 based on their paycheck deposits. All B9 members can stay updated on their current available maximums through the B9 mobile app. Please note that these limits may change at any time at B9’s discretion.