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Fast Online Money Transfer

The online sphere is developing too fast. But, unfortunately, most people do not even remember how they transitioned from cash payments to using only bank cards and transferring money online.

Today, transferring money from one account to another, paying for purchases via PayPal or Google Pay is a matter of five seconds. In addition, everyone can independently transfer money to any organization or another person and even transfer funds with an account from phone or laptop.

If you need to transfer money online quickly and without any difficulties, use the below methods. They will save you time and allow you to pay for anything in two clicks. In this article, you will learn how to transfer money from B9 to PayPal and if you can use Zelle with B9. Read carefully to choose what the best way to transfer funds is for you.

The Best Online Payment Apps

It has become easier to send money to another account or pay for some goods since almost everyone has online apps. Meanwhile, banks provide various services and opportunities for clients to transfer money. They release payment apps, focusing primarily on the needs of people. All apps have simple navigation and practical functions.

As a rule, sending money to another account is free, and cash withdrawal does not take more than five minutes. Moreover, thanks to the multifunctional apps, you do not need to connect additional functions. For instance, when opening a spending account through B9, you can send money to another person via Pay Anyone.

Paying Bills In Two Clicks

Paying bills and managing your finances is one of the main tasks of an adult. This control allows you to calculate your income and expenses and build a universal system. Therefore, it is vital to pay any bills (utility bills, car bills) on time and manage money like a professional.

Online bill payment is an electronic service that allows people to pay bills without leaving home. You do not need to go or call the bank, as this service is configured through the banking app. If your bank offers to pay the bill online, the payment will be free (without fees).

What you need to do:

  • Log in to the banking app.
  • Select the account of a recipient, specifying all the data. If something’s missing or not correct in B9, then the customer can send money via ACH or inside B9 (we don’t have a pay bill feature).
  • Send money

It is better to find more detailed information at the bank whose card you use. Then, specialists will find the best options for you and answer all your questions.

Peer-To-Peer Apps For Online Transfers

You can pay for goods or services and transfer money to someone without leaving home. You only need a phone and a specific payment app.

These peer-to-peer payment systems are convenient tools to send money from a mobile device through a linked bank account or card. You need to select the account and specify the payment amount and reason. Simple and convenient!

As a rule, peer-to-peer payment apps may differ in functions and settings. For example, depending on the app, the time it takes to send money can vary from a few seconds to several days.

The most reliable and popular peer-to-peer payment systems:

  • PayPal
  • Venmo
  • Zelle
  • Google Play
  • CashApp

Read below to learn more about each of them and also find out if Zelle works with B9 or not.

PayPal service

The most common payment system is PayPal. People often use PayPal, as the system offers many functions. For instance, the most popular PayPal feature is payment services for online merchants and buyers.

Besides, if you sign up for PayPal by creating an account, you will also transfer and receive money for free. You only need to link a bank account or debit card. By the way, you can transfer funds from PayPal to B9 in two clicks. Keep in mind that you need an account to transfer money between these payment systems.

Below are the basic steps for transferring money from PayPal to B9:

  • Log in to your B9 account
  • Find the “Profile” button
  • Save your B9 account number and routing number
  • Add a B9 account to a PayPal account by linking them
  • Send money from PayPal to B9

These simple steps allow you to transfer money from PayPal to B9 without difficulties. However, the PayPal app has several drawbacks. For instance, transfers may take time (from one to five working days).

Google Pay app

Everyone has used the Google Pay payment system or other Google products at least once. To register on Google Pay, you need to create a Google account. The advantage of this app is a quick transfer of money to another account and a quick download of the app to mobile devices (Android or Apple).

The only thing Google needs to improve is the credit card linking feature. For example, you can send money via Google Pay in the USA if you have a linked debit card issued by a US licensed bank. Therefore, this payment system is not suitable for everyone.


Venmo is a popular payment system owned by PayPal. This app allows you to transfer money to friends with an embedded social aspect. Venmo is a reliable payment app.

However, this payment system charges fees for transferring funds using a credit card or an electronic system. If you want to instantly transfer, the charge will be one percent. If you want to receive funds for free, you will have to wait up to three days. It is not always convenient as you may need money in unforeseen circumstances.


The Zelle payment system is a faster way to send money. Many companies and people use Zelle to make transfers in minutes.

Zelle service has several advantages, among which the main one is a network of partner programs. However, B9 and Zelle are not partners, and therefore you will not be able to process a fast payment using Zelle when sending money to a B9 account.

Unfortunately, you cannot use B9 and Zelle together to make transfers. “Does Zelle work with B9?” or “Does B9 work with Zelle?”: Zelle and B9 don’t work with each other.

Thus, using B9, Zelle as partner systems is a risky business. When you try to transfer money, you will most likely receive an error notification. Technically, you can send a Zelle payment to a B9 account. But these are not the most compatible services.

Among the disadvantages, it is worth highlighting the lack of the ability to send money to international bank accounts. The Zelle payment system works exclusively with domestic banks.

Cash App

Another good payment app is Cash App. With an online wallet function, you can transfer funds from a linked account without holding them in your digital wallet.

Another unique feature of the Cash App is the ability to buy and sell Bitcoin. Such a request to buy or sell cryptocurrencies is relevant, as people have become increasingly involved in the crypto world.

Social Networks: Transfer Of Funds

Developed social networks allow people to send money to other users. Undoubtedly, not all platforms provide such an opportunity. All you need to do is link your bank card to your social network profile and send money.

Facebook and Skype provide this opportunity to users. In addition, thanks to linked bank accounts, people can receive and send funds at any time.

International Money Transfers

Not all of the above payment systems provide the opportunity to make international transfers. Therefore, it is better to use the following money-transfer provider: Wise, MoneyGram, or Xoom.

When sending money, carefully read all terms and pay attention to the exchange rates and fees. Besides, view the list of countries in which these apps work. Also, study the mobile app interface: it should be simple.

Useful Tips

To make the money transfer safe and ensure fraudsters do not get your funds, follow these recommendations:

  • Make sure that you use a reliable and secure application
  • Make sure all your data is encrypted
  • Check if the FDIC insures your money when sending
  • Keep a record of all transfers
  • Make sure that the recipient has received funds

These tips minimize the risk of erroneous transfers and data hacking. If you manage money correctly and choose a reliable app, there will be no problems with transfers.


There are several options for transferring money online. The choice of a payment system depends solely on you and your needs. When choosing a payment app, consider the following indicators: speed, security, cost, and destination of transfers.

Make sure that you are using a reliable and secure app. All apps are unique and have their pros and cons. Which payment service to choose is up to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I send money to someone?

You can use any method of sending money from the above suggested. There are also alternatives, such as a bank transfer service, a written check, or a gift card. Keep in mind that banks usually charge interest for money transfers.

How do I send money to a bank account?

Ensure that you have all data of a recipient: the account number and routing number. Then, log in to the payment app, specify the transfer amount and enter the details.

What is the most secure way to send money online?

Almost all applications are secure, as they encrypt all data and provide two-factor protection. An ACH payment (Automated Clearing House payment) or a wire transfer would be the safest way.

These ways of transferring money are simple and do not require super-knowledge. Bank transfers like ACH transfers are made directly to another bank. Therefore, no one will hack your data.